JoJo on March 11th, 2009

You may have heard about Dansko shoes and how wonderful they are. But, if you’ve never had a pair or never worn a pair of them, then you may be wondering why in the world they are so respected. There are many reasons for the hype that surrounds Dansko shoes. We’ll cover some of those reasons here to help you understand why Dansko has such a faithful following.

Dansko Shoes Go the Extra Mile

Dansk shoes last for years, because they are made of nothing but the highest quality material. Most have smooth, comfortable leather that conforms to your feet. Because of the materials used, and the care put into the design, they are comfortable all day long. When you invest in Dansko, you don’t have to worry about the shoes wearing out or falling apart any time soon.
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JoJo on February 22nd, 2009

Our Discount Women’s Shoe of the Week are Dansko Giselle Shoes and here is why.

I love the Dansko Giselle Shoes, because they are extremely comfortable. Even after a 16 hour work day, on my feet, I don’t come home with tired, achy feet and legs like I used to. The polyurethane outsole is incredibly flexible, moving with me feet for each step. While they may not be the super stylish shoes others wear, they are cute as a button… which I happen to like. Dansko Giselle Shoes also have a carbosan footbed and a leather socklining. I’m so happy that these were suggested to me. I always recommend them to co-workers who can barely make it through the long days without a limp at the end.

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Vgal on February 22nd, 2009

Finding shoes that look great with your style and are comfortable at the same time can be a challenging task. This is especially true if your job requires you to be standing or walking for a good part of the day. However, just because you need comfortable shoes doesn’t mean you have to look silly in awfully designed shoes.

Dansko brand shoes have maintained a steady following and are applauded by even the American Podiatric Medical Association.  These are often referred to as clogs, but there are varying styles so you don’t end up wearing the same shoe as every other Dansko fan. Dansko shoes look good and feel good. Although they do cost a bit more in the beginning, they last for years, which means you won’t have to shell out money time after time for new shoes.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the trendy designs available, you may be wondering “Ok… Where can I buy Discount Dansko shoes?”  They aren’t hard to find at all. Many shoe stores will have them in stock, because they’re very popular. However, you can easily find a good deal on Dansko shoes without even leaving home by checking out our large selection of Discount Dansko Shoes with prices up to 75% off of retail prices.


Vgal on February 12th, 2009

Your feet will demand attention when you wear a trendy pair of Dansko Hand Painted Shoes. Although these shoes are very much a styling accessory to your outfit, you won’t suffer for it as you would with many other kinds of shoes. They’re approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association just as the other Dansko shoes. Your feet are perfectly supported by these vibrantly colored shoes with an anatomically contoured footbed. The heel is at a perfect height of 1 ¾ inch. Please take note that the each pair of Hand Painted Dansko’s will be a little different since each pair are unique. Of course, that is part of the fun.

Our Discount Women’s Shoe of the Week are Dansko Hand Painted Shoes.

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Vgal on February 11th, 2009

If you’re a nurse, then you know that having the right kind of shoes imperative to not only your health and comfort, but to your job as well. It’s impossible to work at peak performance when it’s tough to just stand up. That’s why you have to find the best shoe for nurses, for your benefit and everyone’s around you.

The best shoe for nurses has to have certain components. Dansko Professional Shoes just so happen to fit all of these requirements, which we’ll briefly go over here. First of all, you need a light-weight sole that will absorb the shock of each step and movement you make. However, the inside of the bottom needs to be firm, strong, and also provide support for the arch.

You also need to have, what’s called a good toe box. This just means that your toes need to have efficient room to lie and spread out naturally. Often, shoes will squeeze your toes together, not letting them to perform their balancing functions properly.

Not only do Dansko shoes meet all the requirements that are suggested for the best nursing shoe, but they’re also supported by the American Podiatric Medical Association. So when you choose a Dansko shoe, you know you’re buying a sound, comfortable, cost-effective shoe that will provide comfort and not need to be replaced any time soon.

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JoJo on February 1st, 2009

A lot of people make this mistake. You see someone wearing a cool pair of shoes and ask them what brand they are wearing. They tell you the shoe brand is Dansco. Now, that is what you heard and technically, it’s correct, but the actual brand name is Dansko with a k instead of a c. I know it’s confusing considering they sound the same, but Dansko it is.

Keep that in mind the next time you are searching for a pair of Dansko Shoes and be sure to view our complete selection of  Discount Dansco Shoes. Just kidding, I mean Discount Dansko Shoes. 😉

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JoJo on January 31st, 2009

The best way I have found to find a discount on Dansko shoes is to use a website that will compare multiple vendor’s prices. By using this type of website, you can get a better picture of how much your style of Dansko is going for.

We provide this service by allowing you to view specific prices for a particular style, size or color of Dansko shoes.

Here is an example:
Check out the difference in price for the popular style of Discount Dansko Sonja Shoes. You can find vendor’s pricing starting at $36.99 to a high of $92.99. Even the high price is cheaper than full retail outlet websites as of the time of this posting.

As you can see, by looking at a website that shows various vendor prices, you can save a lot of money on your Discount Dansko Shoes.